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Improving Patient Outcomes

with Connected Medical Devices

What are the biggest challenges for connected healthcare projects?

How can data interoperability issues be addressed?

With up to 35% of prescriptions not being fulfilled, can this be improved?

How can patient data be collected efficiently and securely from remote locations, such as care homes?

These and many more leading questions for healthcare management are addressed in this new 95 page report, which explores how IoT is making real improvements to patient outcomes and healthcare service performance.

The report identifies 6 key segments covering the lifecycle of a patient’s treatment journey where IoT is having positive impact and explores the benefits being seen across these segments.

Using connected medical devices to monitor a patient’s journey through all aspects of the healthcare system provides many opportunities for enhancing patient outcomes. This report explores what this means in practice and the challenges in implementing these.

Robin Duke-Woolley, Founder and CEO, Beecham Research

Our first report titled "Why IoT projects fail and what to do about them" was published in January 2020 and examined the challenges of developing and implementing IoT solutions. This report picks up on thefindings from that together with the growing need for connected healthcare to achieve good patient outcomes in the healthcare sector.

Whilst remote healthcare is now well established in most countries, this report highlights how today IoT is being used more strategically and the benets being seen across the healthcare ecosystem. These include reduced time to correct diagnosis, accurate treatment identification, cost reductions to all parties, patients and care establishments, eficiencies improvements and faster development of new medicines and vaccines.

Use Cases

Looking at each of the 6 key healthcare segments, this report shows the activities and applications IoT is enabling as part of connected healthcare ecosystems.

Exploring current use cases in each healthcare segment, the report focuses on how IoT is being used to create better patient outcomes and generate enhanced service performance, leading to cost reductions and improved efficiencies.

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Gain unique insights from industry peers on the healthcare market landscape through over 20 expert interviews. Understand the role IoT is playing in healthcare businesses, the challenges this is meeting, the business outcomes being seen and future trends being anticipated.

Access Peer Insights

Typically, the challenges are around healthcare integration and interoperability between systems; integrating vast amounts of IoT data into healthcare is complex. There is a growing opportunity to standardise and integrate IoT Data into healthcare systems to create a more complete view of a patient.

Director Business Development, healthcare IT Solutions.

Through IoT we are getting better insights from drug delivery systems that are handed out to patients. We can see things like when they are using a drug, if they are using the right dose and how often they use it. This information is essential to understanding drug performance and patient behaviours.

Expert for IoT and Data Science, multinational pharmaceutical company.

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